Big fans of the new Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra Identity

Really loving the concept behind the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra's new brand.
Absolutley lovely - especially those envelopes!!

Created by Bond Agency

With the power of 102 musicians

Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra wanted to reposition its brand in order to strengthen the brand image and overall experience. In a series of workshops the new positioning and identity was crystallized; the power and energy of the music is the orchestra’s driving force. The new visual identity brings alive Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra’s core, all 102 musicians, in both logo and photographic concept. Get ready for some big bang therapy!

Sweet Aeropress Trophy…

During some of our coffee research, we came across this piece of greatness. 

The British Columbia AeroPress Competition trophy was made entirely out of Lego. The trophy took twelve hours to build, using just under 1000 pieces, including childhood pieces from George Giannakos’ (GM of Revolver Coffee in Vancouver BC) personal collection.

Images taken from the article on Sprudge

To read more, visit Sprudge

Time to Shred!!!

We've just completed a killer new branding job for Victorian Skateboard Association…

YMCA, who run the skateparks in Australia, and Victorian Skateboard Association (VSA) approached us to brand Skate Club. It is OK to talk about skate club by the way…

Click the image below to read more!

“ Design is the bridge that brings the business strategy to life. It can build intangible brand value for a business, so the business is worth more. We all know that the intangible brand value of Coke far outweighs the value of its tangible assets.”

Geoff Suvalko

We thought it about time…

We thought it about time we start utilising the site to add some ideas, responses and progress on work, things we dig and the design scene in general.

Here's hoping you find something of interest and we impart some knowledge on a few topics you may not have known about, understood or even thought you cared about :)

We created our own newspaper as a promo item to celebrate our name change and new entity. The paper was sent to some key clients and to some local businesses in our area - We're big on think local - and it has been very well received. We've been able to work on some fantastic branding projects with these new clients and help some local businesses with their graphic design needs.

If you'd like to receive a copy, get in touch and we can send one out.

Issue 2 will hit the news stands next month.