Briefing Form

The purpose of this form is to allow me to gather as much background information regarding your company and it’s services prior to estimating and commencing our project. 

Some of the fields are optional, however I strongly recommend that you take as much time as possible over each question and try to provide as much information as you can.
Doing so will give me a clearer idea of what you're looking for and the best way for me to help you achieve your goals.

You can also download a copy of the form to fill out manually, or use the form function in acrobat.

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The details
Please outline all requirements to enable an accurate estimte What do you require: Identity, Website, Brochure, Stationery, Email Newsletter, Packaging, Photography, Copywriting etc.
Example: To create a fresher more contemporary look and feel,
If applicable, please indicate sex, age range and earning bracket.
Example: Serious, sophisticated, fun, friendly, corporate
If your company already has any current colour or font schemes in place please list them here. Or if you have any colours or fonts you want to use in a new project.
Do you like coated or uncoated paper, embossing, metallics, thick, thin, shiny or flat - If you don’t now, that’s OK too!
Further to the information added already, please use this box to let me know anything else regarding your project. Please also include references, web links to any colour or design ideas you like, any logos, art, type - basically anything or want me to take into account or ignore because you hate it!
Do you have a budget in mind for what you require?