dc Specialty Coffee Roasters

dc Specialty Coffee Roasters approached South to revive their corporate look and feel and packaging. We kept things simple on the corporate front utilising pattern, texture and finishes to add the missing elements needed to enrich the dc brand.

The packaging is the antithesis of the corporate. Bold and fun, with the pattern playing an important role in the brand visual. We build upon this aesthetic with great tshirts, cups, outer boxes - normally bland, these act as  fun touch points for the dc brand.


Branding, Packaging, Collateral


created by South not only understands our culture and vision but adds value and creativity that strengthens our brand. We see Simon as a team member that is vital to the success of our company.

The quality of work and consultation from inception through to finished product is nothing short of professional.

— Rob Stewart, Operations Manager,
dc Specialty Coffee Roasters


With dc continuously adding to their progressive range, creating Artist Series bags and promoting young up and coming bands through it's dc Tunes initiative, dc is pushing the boundaries of coffee, music and awesomeness.

ducale skate sesh with awesome tshirt
outer boom box

Outer boxes for 10kg and 6kg beans.
Why not make them fun too!!