DC Coffee - Retail offerings


DC (Ducale Coffee) wanted to totally reinvent their retail offerings. The existing bags were just not working on-shelf. To offer a more consistent brand experience the bags were to be put into boxes to enable a greater presence and better on shelf function. A new range of blends was created specifically for the retail consumer that made more sense to them. Greater emphasis was to be put on the Fair Trade component and a distinct strength rating was to be used.

We first looked at a colour that DC could own. The dark blue was a great choice we could then contrast with for the various blends. A bold simple and strong package hierarchy was developed to ensure consistency in information, not only across the brand for the initial rollout, but enabling an easy system to add additional varieties as the brand grows.

A distinct hand crafted typographic style was used, with each variety utilising a slightly different treatment ensuring a unique feel for each blend, whilst ensuring a consistent brand aesthetic.


Blend Branding, Packaging

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