Elevation Cycling

elvtn. is the new kid on the block for simple, graphic cycling kit that doesn't look like someone's just been sick on you.

It seems every man and his dog's dog are selling kit these days. Most of it is either insanely bad quality or very badly designed - sometimes both. Elvtn cuts through all that with classic hints to yesteryear combined with a modern edge, these graphic kits are made from 100% Italian fabric, fantastic chamois and unsurpassed quality.

Melbourne based and proud.  #rideaboveyourself


Branding, Collateral, Clothing, Online

elvtn jersey design
elvtn collateral design
elvtn logo on jersey

Deliberately clean and graphic, the collateral matches the kit well. Understated with a bit of a pop!

elvtn wordmark on jersey
elvtn photoshoot cycling kit
elvtn photoshoot cycling kit
elvtn photoshoot cycling kit