Just Chillin' Out

Just Chillin' Out are fun, interactive sessions that teach children about the importance of breath, connection to their body, positive affirmations, guided meditations and group creativity. All classes are small and intimate allowing for genuine caring connections to be made. Everything covered in class can be taken home and applied in the child’s day to day life. This is a great initiative by Seven Points Holistic Healing.


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Just Chillin Out Collateral logo design and branding design by created by south
Just Chillin Out business Card

The core components of the branding system are the 7 shapes. Each shape and colour relates to one of the 7 chakras. These are used to create faces in a playful and interesting way, depicting emotions, connection with the body and encourage play and development.

Just Chillin Out iconography
Just Chillin Out imagery
Just Chillin Out imagery
Just Chillin Out Collateral
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